Twilio Flex

Twilio is a scalable, cloud-based communications system for web and mobile applications. It focuses on phone calls, SMS, chat and video conferencing, tracking tasks, evaluating worker performance and availability, and gathering data that can be used to create analytics reports.

At Survey Dynamix, we’ve created an intuitive, cloud based software solution that integrates seamlessly with Twilio Flex to give you the ability to create and conduct highly flexible and customised surveys.

Survey Dynamix automatically captures customer feedback after interactions have been in handled in Twilio Flex. Data about the Twilio Flex task is captured alongside customer feedback to provide context rich, actionable insights. 

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React to customer feedback in real-time

Survey Dynamix and Twilio Flex integration capabilities

Fully automated surveys

Survey Dynamix automatically captures customer feedback after interactions are handled in Twilio Flex. Whether the customer stays on the line to be automatically transferred to a Voice IVR survey or they receive one of the many other supported survey types, the choice is yours.

Higher response and completion rates

Surveys delivered via tailored methods have a higher open and read rate, and personalised survey questions have a higher response rate leading to more data for your organisation.

Real-time survey results

View real-time survey results from within the Twilio Flex UI using the Survey Dynamix embedded reporting dashboard.

Works with your agents

Agents, supervisors and managers each have their own dashboard view tailored to their role, allowing them to see individual and aggregated survey results, as appropriate, and monitor their performance and teams.

Personalisation and contextualisation

Survey Dynamix automatically retrieves attributes of the Twilio Flex task such as Agent, Queue, Wrap up, Product, Customer Type, Customer Value, Call Duration (and many many more) enabling surveys to be automatically personalised to the customer and tailored to the specifics of their customer service interaction

Automatic external actions

Surveys can use responses and task data from Twilio Flex to automatically trigger actions such as notifying users of important feedback via Slack or Microsoft Teams or raising a service request in a CRM.

Automatic internal actions

Utilise the huge breadth of Twilio capability to action or escalate customer feedback automatically. For example notify a group of users or execute a custom or standard Twilio function.

Smarter future routing decisions

Access previous customer feedback to make future routing decisions. For example if a customer has previously left negative feedback, route them to a VIP queue on their next call or avoid sending the caller to the last agent.

Survey Dynamix and Twilio Flex integration benefits

Twilio Flex - multi-channel contact centre

Twilio is a robust platform that connects you with customers everywhere they want to interact with you, including text messages, emails, phone calls, video and chatbots. This multi-channel approach needs a multi-channel survey solution as well.

Survey Dynamix can automatically collect customer feedback after interactions over the following Twilio Flex channels:

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