How It Works

How it works

With Survey Dynamix, you can capture real-time feedback from your customers using our multi-channel, cloud-based survey solution.

Survey Dynamix software seamlessly deploys post-contact survey requests via email, voice, SMS or web so you can predict, understand and action customer service. With customised role-based dashboards and automated workflows, you can share insights with a single employee, across the team or even to the entire organisation. 

Survey types

React to customer feedback in real time.

Build your surveys.

We provide an intuitive web-based interface so you can build highly flexible surveys customised to your business. Surveys can be created to ask a variety of questions such as NPS, CES, CSAT, Open Feedback, Yes/No responses and more.

Data about your customer such as their age or how they’ve reached out to you will all impact what survey method will work best for you to ensure you get the most responses.

Dynamic and responsive, your surveys are not only built to accommodate the contact method, such as email or phone but are also able to initiate new questions or seek out different information on the go as a result of the responses provided.

Dynamic surveys ensure you’re getting a depth of feedback that gets to the root of your company’s performance.

Simple and powerful integrations

Our systems easily integrate with your in-house and external systems, such as your telephone, website or CRM. Survey Dynamix automatically brings data about the customer service interaction or the customer onto the survey record to enable our customers to better analyse and understand their customer feedback and how it relates to aspects of their business.

Survey Dynamix will automatically initiate down-stream actions with other SaaS applications such as your CRM, agent gamification tools or other business systems. 

Our single sign-on with CCAAS platforms like Genesys Cloud lets users see their tailored dashboard without worrying about separate and time-consuming login screens. Quick, easy and straightforward.

Real-time updates

The Survey Dynamix dashboard is continuously updated in real-time to give you the information you need from your customers’ feedback. The system can be configured to immediately notify users of important feedback such as:

  • When a customer threatens to complain on social media
  • When a customer uses sensitive keywords in open feedback like “terrible”, “competitor” etc
  • When a customer provides a very bad or very good score


Survey Dynamix can send notifications or initiate down-stream actions such as:

  • Send a message to a team in Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Send a notification using native tools in the underlying customer service platform eg: the CCAAS platform
  • Create a service request in a CRM eg: Salesforce or MS Dynamics
  • Send an SMS or Email to a manager
  • And many more examples


Your team members can review their performance, initiate actions and reconnect with customers quickly and seamlessly to turn negative situations into overwhelmingly  positive customer experiences.

Benefits of Survey Dynamix

Your agent for

real-time feedback

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