Your Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs below. If you don’t find your question answered, get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

We enable our customers to automatically collect customer feedback over the following channels:

  • Inbound Voice IVR – the customer is transferred to a Voice IVR survey after a phone interaction with your business. They provide immediate feedback answering questions using their telephone keypad. The customer can also provide feedback in their own words through a recording. Survey Dynamix transcribes their recording to text for immediate use by trigger/event rules and for analysis in the reporting dashboard
  • Outbound Voice IVR – same as above except the call is scheduled and Survey Dynamix calls the customer on their phone at the scheduled time to collect the feedback
  • Web SMS – a survey sent via SMS that contains a greeting and a link. When the customer clicks the link they are shown a web based survey where they provide their feedback
  • Conversational SMS – a survey sent via SMS where the system asks questions of the customer and they respond with SMS
  • Email – a survey sent via Email. The first question is in the body of the email and the customer can click to answer that question where they are then presented the rest of the questions over the web
  • Web – a stand-alone web survey – this is not sent to the customer but could be triggered by a web site and shown to the customer, for example, after conducting a self-service function on the website
  • API – use our API to conduct the survey programmatically through your own UI. Eg: Web chat bot

If you’re working within Genesys, you can access pricing on the Genesys AppFoundry website.

In other cases, our pricing is variable depending on your platform and your needs. Generally, it includes a one-off onboarding fee and then a per agent, per month cost. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Quickstart Enablement (onboarding) package covers:

  • Install, integration, configuration with contact centre platform
  • Comprehensive product training
  • Assistance with setting up and testing initial survey(s)
  • Assistance with integration to contact centre platform and third party software
    • Notifications
    • Integrated dashboard for reporting
    • Sidebar reporting widgets
    • Slack or Microsoft Teams notifications
    • Update CRM
    • and many other use cases

The team at Survey Dynamix will also be available (for no additional cost) to assist in the future with refresher training or consultation on survey changes or additions.

Our solution is built with redundancy and scalability at the fore and includes the following architecture considerations:

  • Auto-scaling applications servers in multiple availability zones managed by a load balancer
  • Multiple availability zones database deployment with automatic failure recovery and scaling
  • 24×7 monitoring and alarming for server, database and application issues with various automatic remediation mechanisms

It is very rare, but possible for our services to be degraded because of issues out of our control (eg: an intermittent network or DNS issue in the AWS cloud) and in our experience where this may have happened there is only a limited impact to Survey Dynamix.

As we utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have architected our solution for high availability and auto-scaling we are confident we can sit behind the AWS quoted SLA of 99.99% per month.

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