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Our Client

Multilaser is a Brazilian privately held company in the electronics and information technology sector founded in 1987 by Israel Ostrowiecki. Today it is led by Alexandre Ostrowiecki, Imports and sells products in the technology sector, multimedia accessories and toys.

Its office is located in the city of São Paulo and its industrial complex is located in Extrema, Minas Gerais and Manaus, Amazonas, with more than 75,000 square meters. It is one of the largest companies in the category. It manufactures more than 3,000 different products that are available at 40,000 points across the country. It has about 3,000 employees and 40 engineers divided into laboratories in Brazil and Asia.

The Contact Centre helps customers with questions about the products. The contact centre has approximately 250 agents.

“…we were able to measure in real time the quality of service…”

After implementing the Survey Dynamix, we were able to measure in real time the quality of service in our operation as well as that of each employee, allowing for quick corrective actions and recognition of the good service provided by our agents.

Gerlane Pedroso, Planning Coordinator

OUR Credit Union

“We are very happy with Survey Dynamix for our Survey needs.”

It is very helpful to receive feedback in real time via email notifications so that we can respond quickly to OUR member’s needs. We are also very happy with the customer service team. They are very quick to respond to any questions we have for them, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our survey meets the specific needs of OUR Credit Union.

Stephani Clancy, Contact Center Supervisor


Our Client

We are experts in payment solutions, NetPay was born out of the need to transform the means of payment in Mexico, we offer payment and collection solution services since 2008 in the following areas: electronic wallets, electronic vouchers, credit cards and debit cards VISA, MasterCard, Carnet and private brands.

We have also developed correspondent banking and the integration of banking systems. In addition to having the payment solutions of the NetPay Terminal and NetPay Móvil.

At NetPay we have been concerned throughout these years to offer the customer the best service to solve their needs. This is why we have a highly qualified staff to always give added value.

Before Survey Dynamix

We did not know how our customers felt when they called our contact center, we did not know if the service provided satisfied their needs, and much less did we know what percentage of calls were resolved in the first contact.

After Survey Dynamix

Now we measure customer satisfaction in each interaction and we measure how many calls are resolved in the first contact, this has helped us a lot as a company to make decisions that have allowed us to improve the experience of our customers.

“What I like most about Survey Dynamix…”

…are the dashboards that allow me to quickly analyze the information that is being generated in real time, I can also make historical queries very easily, and without a doubt the speech to text function is great, I can quickly read the comments that customers leave on the recording and know their feelings with a quick glance.

Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Delgado- Customer Experience Manager

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